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      The "N" in N.E.W. Ales Brewing grew up nearby in Franklin. Having a background in education, and a knack for party planning, it was a no brainer when the idea of creating a brewery popped up. "Growing up in my family, we love a good reason to plan a party to celebrate just about anything. This opportunity allows me to combine my love for socializing, planning, and helping others into one." Her favorite craft beers are sours and goses, and she loves discussing what new flavor profiles we can create next. 
       Nikki's role in the brewery is to help get the word out about N.E.W. Ales, set up big plans, and get the ball rolling in "new" directions. Her desire to help others and bring people together is what makes her a great asset to the team. She works hard, and her ability to plan ahead is what has helped set our brewery up for success. "Being an educator, you have to be thinking ahead and flexible. If one direction closes, you have to get creative in where to go next to reach your goal. This has proved just as true in the brewing industry."  
         If you have questions about our brewery, want to set up a time to meet up for a tasting, or have some cool ideas, reach out to Nikki and she will get things moving!

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      The “W” in N.E.W. Ales Brewing grew up in nearby Franklin. Wes has had a love for the craft beer movement since brewing those first few homebrew batches in college. His professional experiences include six years in the food and beverage industry, holding titles of Microbiologist, Hygienic Design Engineering, and QA/QC Manager. “I tend to draw inspiration from other breweries that have a balance between large production and good quality programs. Sierra Nevada, Stone, Dogfish, and Founders all instantly come to mind as leaders in that area and a true source of motivation going forward with our own projects.” His favorite craft beers include IPA’s and Sours, and he loves to try and find new ways of introducing interesting flavors into beer. 

     Wes will take over the role of Brewer at N.E.W. Ales and will work closely with the other owners to help bring unique beer ideas into the light. “I really want to focus on quality. I know every brewery says that, but we will be taking a very deep dive into equipment cleaning, sensory programs, and chemistry in order to make sure our consistency is on point.”

     If you want to talk about passivation of stainless steel or have any scientific questions, Wes is always down to talk process and have a beer or three.

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      The ‘E’ in N.E.W. Ales Brewing was born and raised in Logan, Ohio, and moved here to the Miami Valley just over 20 years ago. Although her professional background is criminal justice and working with at risk youth, Beth has always had a passion for craft beer. Citing Sierra Nevada and Half Acre Breweries as early influences, Beth couldn’t wait to find the right opportunity to jump into the beer business. “Sales really wasn’t where I wanted to be, but talking to people about something you are truly passionate about doesn’t make it feel like a sales job, it’s just talking to new friends about a common interest.” 
      Beth also assists with some of the different flavor profiles the beers will have. “I love experimenting with all kinds of flavors. Beer shouldn’t be one note. Although I love a good dank IPA, there is something sexy about a fruited sour or salty gose. I am excited to play around with porters as well. Our beers are approachable for everyone. Folks who have said I don’t like beer have loved our Flippin Fruit Tart and Country Dreamer Hoppy Amber. That’s what I like hearing. That’s the best part of this job.” 
       Look for Beth in your local restaurant or pub, pushing our beers and changing beer at a time.


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