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N.E.W. Ales Beer Menu




1. Hop Chowduh New England IPA (6.4% ABV) 

Slightly sweet with a smooth mouthfeel, this hop forward New England juice-bomb will make you “pahk your cah” and rush in for a pint. Brewed with Simcoe, Cascade, Columbus, and Mosaic, this beer is sure to please every hop lover’s pallet while having the appearance of a much thicker, heavier beer. 

2. Red Tape Factory Dark Cherry Sour (5% ABV)*NEW*

"Red Tape Factory" – a brew inspired by the barriers that often hold us back. This dark cherry sour beer embodies the tang of red tape frustrations, but with a burst of liberation. As the bold cherry notes break through the initial tartness, it's a nod to breaking free from constraints. Deep ruby in hue and layered in flavor, it's a reminder to push past the red tape and savor life's sweetness.

3. Holtgrewe Dunkel Beer (4.9% ABV) 

This classic German Dunkel is named after Henry Holtgrewe, who is our brewer’s (Wes) Great Great Grandunkel. Henry descended from Germany, and was known for being one of the strongest men to ever live. One of his most well known feats was lifting the entire Cincinnati Reds team on a bench, which in total weighed 4000 pounds! This inspired beer expresses notes of chocolate, caramel, and bread crust with a crisp lager finish and a touch of noble hop bitterness. Raise a pint to Henry and the strong legacy he has left behind!

4. Middie Marzen Beer (5.4% ABV) 

This brew is brilliantly clear like a lager should be. Middie Marzen brings out the flavors of bread and grain, transporting you back to beer halls and lederhosen. Coming in at an easy drinking 5.4% ABV, this Marzen will have you yelling Prost from the first sip.


5. Lemonardo DiCaprio Deserves More Oscars (4.5% ABV) 

Dreaming of a walk through spring, Lemonardo DiCaprio Deserves More Oscars delivers just that. With floral notes, and a honey and lemon finish, you’ll feel like you're drinking a pint of sunshine.

6. OMG Becky Look at that Pumpkin! Pumpkin Ale (8% ABV) 

The spiced taste of pumpkin pie is what you can expect with your first sip. Bold flavors of lactose, cinnamon, brown sugar, clove, and honey, will have you wanting cooler weather, hayrides, and pumpkin patches in no time!

7. Starter Fluid Coffee Kolsch (5% ABV) 

your morning jolt meets evening toast! Dive into this Coffee Kölsch, where crisp, classic Kölsch flavors fuse seamlessly with rich, roasted coffee notes. Bright yet bold, it's the perfect brew to kick-start any occasion. From dawn to dusk, let "Starter Fluid" energize your palate and ignite your passion for unique brews. 

8. Post Mow Lawn Kolsch (4.2% ABV)

In traditional German style, this light, crisp, easy-drinking Kolsch weighs in at only 4.2 ABV. Perfect for drinking after mowing the lawn on a hot, summer day, or just for relaxing and enjoying a nice Biergarten. Prost!

9. Business Causal Dark Lager (5% ABV) 

Just like the mullet we all love, Business Casual gives us the best of both worlds. A chocolate, nutty, toffee, bready taste on the front, leads into the light, easy 5% ABV in the back. 

10. Don't Ask Questions Blueberry Basil Sour (5% ABV) *NEW*

Prepare yourself for a fusion of vibrant basil and tart blueberries in our NEW Blueberry Basil Sour! 🍻🌱🫐 This brew will delight with a chorus of fresh herbs and fruity flavors that'll have your palate singing. Dive into this refreshing masterpiece today!

11. GOLD MEDAL WINNER -Still Not as Bitter as Your Ex Imperial IPA (8.7% ABV)

You may not like your ex, but you’ll love this beer. Strong resin and pine taste that finishes with an alcoholic bite.

12. Kief: El Dorado Hazy Pale Ale (6.2% ABV)

Made with one pound of the herbal remnants of the El Dorado hop, and leaves you wanting more.



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