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N.E.W. Ales Beer Menu



Beer on Tap: 

1. Hop Chowduh New England IPA (6.4% ABV) In Cans too! 

Slightly sweet with a smooth mouthfeel, this hop forward New England juice-bomb will make you “pahk your cah” and rush in for a pint. Brewed with Simcoe, Cascade, Columbus, and Mosaic, this beer is sure to please every hop lover’s pallet while having the appearance of a much thicker, heavier beer. 

2. Post Mow Lawn Kolsch (4.2% ABV) In Cans too! 

In traditional German style, this light, crisp, easy-drinking Kolsch weighs in at only 4.2 ABV. Perfect for drinking after mowing the lawn on a hot, summer day, or just for relaxing. Prost! 


3. Country Dreamer (5.6% ABV) 

Brewed from a memory, with a free spirit in mind, Country Dreamer has a bold hop aroma, with subtle hints of caramel. This sparkling brew is best enjoyed living life to the fullest. 

4. GOLD MEDAL WINNER -Still Not as Bitter as Your Ex Imperial IPA (8.7% ABV) In Cans too! 

You may not like your ex, but you’ll love this beer. Strong resin and pine taste that finishes with an alcoholic bite.

5. Buzzed Bees Honey Belgium Ale (4.9% ABV)

Discover "Buzzed Bees," our Honey Belgian craft beer boasting a 4.9% ABV. This golden elixir harmoniously blends Belgian tradition with the sweetness of pure honey, creating a smooth, subtly sweet experience. Sip, savor, and immerse yourself in the perfect fusion of flavor and craftsmanship. Cheers to Buzzed Bees – where Belgian richness meets the buzz of honey!

6. Tres Amigos Mexican Lager (4.6% ABV)

N.E.W. Ales is throwing you a curve ball with our first Lager release of the summer. Introducing Tres Amigos. Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, this Mexican inspired cerveza is a classic lager brewed with plenty of corn. We added our N.E.W. Ales twist by featuring a single hop from the Southern Hemisphere, known as Motueka. This hop adds a lime flavor, and we feel it stands out just enough to notice the fresh citrus flavor while not distracting form the crushable nature of this clean lager.

7. Lemonardo DiCaprio Deserves More Oscars (4.5% ABV) In Cans too!

Dreaming of a walk through spring, Lemonardo DiCaprio Deserves More Oscars delivers just that. With floral notes, and a honey and lemon finish, you’ll feel like you're drinking a pint of sunshine. 

8. Strawberry Lime Gose (5% ABV) In Cans too!

Squeezed from the tartness of a lime and the sweetness of a strawberry, Strawberry Lime Gose delivers a punch that is both tangy and refreshing. Along with the bold flavors of coriander and sea salt, the thought of summer never tasted so good!

9. Plum Sour (5% ABV)

Sweet, but also with an acidic spark, Flippin’ Fruit Tart Plum Sour gives a punch that is the best of both worlds. This refreshingly, light beer gives just the right amount of sweetness and tartness to satisfy during those hot summer days.

10. #Alphabetmafia Pale Ale (4.9% ABV)- Coming 5/21

A collaborative created beer with Gold City Brewing out of Denver, CO, #alphabetmafia pale ale comes in at a very drinkable 4.9 % ABV. Brewed with Cascade hops and an experimental yeast that gives this beer a sweetened fruit cereal taste, this pale ale is sure to leave you filled with pride.

11. 4th Anniversary Cinnamon Donut Pastry Stout Release- May 24th! More info coming soon!

12. Lavender Haze NEIPA (7% ABV)

Indulge in the ethereal allure of Lavender Haze, a Purple New England IPA with a 7% ABV. Immerse your senses in a hazy tapestry woven with the delicate touch of cashmere, the citrus burst of Citra, and the exotic notes of New Zealand Moutere hops. A floral symphony in every sip.

ALE-Tails Inspired Beers: 


Moscow Mule Beer (8% ABV) (GF)

Mimosa Beer (8% ABV) (GF)

Margarita Beer (12% ABV) (GF)



Spruce Tip IPA Coming Soon! 


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Happy Hour $5 Pints
Tues.-Thurs., 4pm-6pm

Govt. Employees -Tuesdays $1 off a pint
Mini Pitchers Sat. & Sun. 

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