fREQUENTLY asked questions: 

When is your Biergarten open? 

      Our current hours are Fridays from 5pm-9pm, and Saturdays 11am-4pm. Stay tuned to our website and social media for updates! Once the warmer weather comes back, we will extend our hours again! 

Where can I park? 

       You are able to park on the street in front of the brewery, First Avenue, or on one of the neighboring streets. Do NOT park in the larger lot behind the biergarten. They will tow your car. 

 Do you have food?  

       We try to arrange for a variety of food trucks from the area to come see us on Fridays and Saturdays when we are open. See our "Upcoming Events" page on our website or search for events on Google or the N.E.W. Ales Facebook page for upcoming food trucks and events! We also have a page on our website, "Local Food Options" where we have listed restaurants within 5 minutes of the brewery that you can have delivered or order on DoorDash, or can go pick up!  

Do you allow dogs? 

        We absolutely love dogs and if you have a well behaved dog(s) who do great in loud, active environments with other people and dogs around, we welcome them! =) Just make sure you keep them on a leash, clean up after your dog and take them behind the Biergarten to use the bathroom. If your pooch cannot play well with others, then you may be asked to leave. 

Are kids welcome? 

         We do allow kids as long as they are well behaved. Keep in mind as well, this is mainly an adult focused environment. As long as you don't mind them possibly overhearing adult language, and they can remain seated for an extended amount of time quietly, then your children are welcome! If they are disturbing other guests at the brewery though, you may be asked to leave. 

Where can I find your beer?  

       Our beer can usually be found in several local spots in the Middletown area. You can see where to search first on our "Where can you find us??" page on our website!