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fREQUENTLY asked questions: 

When will your new location be open? 

      We are now open at our NEW location at 1330 Manchester Avenue, Middletown, OH 45042. 

What are your current hours? 

               Monday - Closed

               Tuesday - Thursday - 4pm-9pm

               Friday - 4pm - 11pm

               Saturday - 12pm - 11pm

               Sunday - 12pm-6pm



Brewery Rules: 

              1. Respect everyone 

              2. No politics/religion

              3. Clean up after yourself

              4. No talking on the phone at the bar

              5. Enjoy delicious beer and food with good friends

Where can I park? 

       At our new location, there are two large, well-lit, parking lots located next door to our brewery. 

Do you have food? 

       Steel City Pizza, a Neapolitan wood-fired pizza restaurant, is connected to our brewery/taproom! Come in and have a few pints along with delicious, fresh, pizza, salad, and meatballs! Click the following link to learn more:

Do you allow dogs? 

        We absolutely love dogs and if you have a well behaved dog(s) who do great in loud, active environments with other people and dogs around, we welcome them! =) Just make sure you keep them on a leash, clean up after your dog and take them outside to use the bathroom. If your pooch cannot play well with others, then you may be asked to leave. 

Are kids welcome? 

         We do allow kids as long as they are well behaved. Keep in mind as well, this is mainly an adult focused environment. As long as you don't mind them possibly overhearing adult language, and they can remain seated for an extended amount of time quietly, then your children are welcome! If they are disturbing other guests at the brewery though, you will be asked to leave. 

Can we make reservations?

         Yes, we do take reservations for groups needing at least 3-6 tables saved, which is for groups of around 18-36 people. The cost for reservation of these tables will be $50 an hour that you want to use those tables. We will make sure that your tables are all placed near one another so that you will not be split apart from one another. If this is an event for a birthday/graduation/celebration of some sort, you are allowed to bring in a cake, cupcakes, or some other dessert option. We do have Steel City Pizza connected to us as a food option. 

          If you have an event, meeting, or shower of some sort that you would like to reserve our taproom for, please reach out to to discuss the event and pricing further. 

Where can I find your beer? 

       Our beer can usually be found in several local spots in the Middletown and Hamilton area. You can see where to search first on our "Where can you find us??" page on our website!

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