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What's new with N.E.W. Ales?

Holy cow! Its hard to believe that we just started in June, and look how far we have already come!

For those asking, we have made a great deal of progress lately...

1. Our brewery system has been moved in! YAY! We are working on getting it up and running, and in brew-ready condition! Currently we are busy making sure everything is in tip-top shape and ready for the next step in the licensing process!

2. We have been approved by the TTB! You may ask who is that? Great question! The TTB is the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Trade Bureau, in simple terms they are in charge of licensing for breweries, alcohol warehouses, and much more across the country. This process can typically take up to 6 months to get approved even. As of the Sunday before last, we are now approved federally to brew beer! It is super exciting! And it means we are just a few more small steps away from being able to brew and distribute beer to a tap near you! =)

3. Our last permit we are waiting on is from the state of Ohio. After that we are good to start brewing, and you should see us on tap at a few local locations within a few weeks of the Ohio approval date. We will be sure to let everyone know as soon as we get the great N.E.W.S. and where you can find us!!

Until then its mostly paperwork, getting our ducks are in a row, and making sure we are audit ready. So stay tuned for our progress and what is down the road. We can wait to share our product with all of you soon!

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