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Women's Day Brew

By: Beth O'Harra

Every beer has a story…or is it every story has a beer?

I grew up in Hocking Hills where good times consisted of Friday nights around a bonfire, with Little Kings, Old Milwaukee, or Nati Light. My beer choices were limited, and honestly, I knew no better and was okay with that. Cold and cheap suited my tastes.

When I moved to Columbus in my twenties, I met a woman who would change all of that. She opened my mind to flavor profiles, taught me about taste, how this pairs with that. My white bread and bologna eating, Nati Light drinking world was turned upside down, and for that I am forever thankful.

She started me off with lighter beers like Amstel Light and Anchor Steam. We then moved on to various ambers or wheats, and what beer drinker didn’t have a Blue Moon phase? But, then she introduced my every growing palate to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. BOOM! This is what beer is supposed to be! I was hooked. My tastes buds yearned for more hops and bitterness. Then came Green Flash’s Palate Wrecker. The name says it all. Drink it last because you’ll taste nothing after.

My growth not only came in the form of tasting and enjoying new beers. I watched the industry grow as I met new folks and got involved with beer as much as I could. I started convincing my family and friends, mostly other women, to try different beers and styles. I’ve watched some of them go from macro to micro, and I’m proud of that.

Women drink IPA’s. Women like the dank. Women like the hops and the bitter.

Now that I own a brewery (majority women owned ☺) I have input on what we brew, and how we market those beers. With International Women's Day, I knew I wanted to put out a beer that not only represents what I like, but what a lot of women enjoy. So I talked with our brewer, we discussed the qualities I was looking for, and developed a recipe that the female owners got to brew. I couldn’t be prouder of the growth I have made and that women in the industry have made. Cheers to more women in brewing, more women enjoying beer, and more Hoptaschick adventures!”

Hoptaschick IPA

7.3% ABV

100 + IBU’s.

Born from the idea that women enjoy a mouthful of hoppy bitterness, Hoptaschick delivers just that. Featuring heavy doses of Strata and Topaz hops, then splashed with 11 pounds of pineapple per BBL, you’ll find notes of citrus and pine in perfect balance.

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