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Nothing Goes Down Better than a Great Gose

When people think of their favorite craft beer styles, or hear someone in general mention something about craft beer, majority of minds drift to IPAs. However, one style that has gained popularity over the last few years in the craft beer world have been goses. I, myself, did not know much about them until a few years prior, and since the discovery, I have to say they are my absolute favorites, right next to sours.

Commonly mispronounced, my first experience with "goes-uhs" was actually at a local beer and food pairing, where I got to try Peach Dodo by Rhinegeist Brewery. I still remember it being paired with an absolutely delicious fresh peach cobbler... And let me tell you, my palette exploded with flavor. The tartness, fruitiness, and salty combo blew my mind. I was officially sold on this style.

From then on, everywhere I went, I had to try the goses available on tap. Very rarely do I find myself disappointed. This is also the beer I introduce to other non craft beer drinkers. My mother, for instance, who used to run at the sight of any beer in general, is now a craft beer drinker because of this style. If you have never had a gose, imagine the tangy, fruity, and salty taste of a margarita and you pretty much have the flavor profiles of a great gose style beer! This is a phenomenal beer to segway into the craft beer world if you don't know much starting out.

If you really are interested in checking out this style of beer, I highly recommend visiting Urban Artifact in Cincinnati or Branch & Bone in Dayton for some great options! They specialize in making this style as well as some amazing sours too!

My love for this style, as well as my co-owners, is what has led us to creating unique flavor profiles for own beer, such as our Flippin' Fruit Tart Strawberry Lime Gose. This was actually our first beer we created out of our test batches, and we cannot wait to see what other flavor profiles we can create in the future!

For other craft beer style recommendations, stay tuned to our future blogs!

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