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Breweries: What keeps you coming back?

Although we are anxiously awaiting our licensing for distribution, we are still in the dreaming up our future taproom.

So, this prompts the question…what makes you choose the breweries you choose? Is it merely the beers they offer? How important is atmosphere and service to you? Is it convenience of location? More importantly, what keeps you coming back to those breweries?

We think about these questions not only in our planning stages, but in what we want out of a brewery. Of course beer selection and quality is ALWAYS an important part of why we choose a brewery, but just like a good restaurant it can’t just end there. You can have incredible food, but if the service is bad, you aren’t likely to go back. Good service can save a business. Knowledgeable staff, people who listen to what you are asking, and having the ability to give educated answers or suggestions are essential to quality service. ALL customers are treated with respect. It doesn’t matter if you are a beer aficionado, new to craft beer, male or female, everyone deserves good service. Same with atmosphere. If it’s too loud, too crowded, and especially if it’s dirty, you are likely to look elsewhere when choosing.

We think about some of our favorite breweries, the ones we keep going back to and there are a few we are wanting to emulate. The atmosphere of a brewery like Hillman Beer in Asheville, NC or Sam Adam's taproom in Cincinnati, comes to mind. Rustic, yet modern, and always inviting and friendly. Jackie O’s in Athens, where the crowd is young and hip, but it’s not overly loud or intimidating to an older crowd. These places check off the service and atmosphere boxes, unfortunately the locations are a bit of a drive. But…the beers are always consistently good, with seasonal rotating taps and a variety of ipa’s, stouts, gose’s etc.

This is what we want to bring to N.E.W. Ales’ future taproom. We want to hear from you. What atmosphere makes you keep coming back? What makes you comfortable? What is important to you regarding taproom servers? What can we do to not only get you as a patron, but keep you coming in? Help us change your mind, one beer at a time.


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