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New Season Brings Big Changes

The weather is getting colder and it’s time to discuss the next steps on our hectic first year of brewing.

Looking back to when we got our brewing license in January, the original plan was distribution only. This was mainly due to our very limited area for a tap room at our current space. Just as we started to gather momentum in the world of self-distribution and sales, a certain virus, that shall not be named, had other plans for us. In a matter of weeks, we lost all of our hard-earned customers and made the decision to bulldoze the backyard to make room for the Biergarten we have today.

This Biergarten has seen some amazing events over the past six months. Pairing with Bourbon’s Kitchen in Middletown to raise money for local charities, having some Food Network quality food trucks stop by downtown Middletown, and releasing some fun, unique beers was an amazing experience for all of us. All things we plan to re-create and improve for next year.

With all that being said, the last weekend to enjoy the taproom and Biergarten will be this weekend, November 6th and 7th. After this weekend we will be closing off our on-premise consumption and taking a step back to focus on distribution during the off season.

We want to thank the local craft beer geeks and all of our fans that found us this season. The good times and stories shared by strangers, that later become friends, under the dim Biergarten lights until the late, late hours of 10pm will always be fond memories. Honestly, it’s hard to imagine where we would be without the support of our local community, restaurants, and bars.

With that announcement behind us, we have one more. Unlike our original plan of distribution only, we will have hours throughout the week for to-go sales. You can visit our Upcoming Events page on our website to see our new hours for the next few months! Growler fills are always an option, in addition to some upcoming bottle releases we have planned. We currently have labels on the way for three of our favorite beers, in addition to our pastry stout that got released in bottles last weekend. Even though you can’t drink a beer on site, we will continue to release amazing craft brews to the local community.

We are going to be busy this off season. The planning for events, food trucks, and new beers starts now. Constant innovation is a core value at N.E.W. Ales, and we hope to experiment with new flavors, pair with more local business, and build relationships with more charities to make for an amazing season #2.

We hope you join us for a final weekend in the Biergarten (the weather looks amazing) and keep an eye out for upcoming to-go beers available in bottles or growlers.

All the best,

Nikki, Elizabeth, and Wes

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