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Why are we N.E.W.?

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Several times over the past few months, we have been asked, why are we N.E.W.? To really answer that question, we need to go back a few years. For a while, Wes, Beth, and myself (Nikki) have ventured far and wide checking out fantastic breweries across the country, and contemplating on what makes each of them so memorable. Eventually we began coming up with our own ideas for amazing beer profiles and flavors, and dreaming up how we could make them a reality.

Fast forward to now, we are only a few months into our official business venture, and boy, are things moving quickly.

So...revisiting that original question, why are we N.E.W.???

Our mission at N.E.W. Ales is to make approachable beers, which are filled with unique flavor profiles, are of high quality, and are something that we want to drink (If we don't want to drink it, who would, am I right?). So that is what we strive for. We want to change minds, one beer at a time. We share our creations with people who love craft beer, and we also introduce them to people who do not consider themselves craft beer connoisseurs. We want to make great beer that everyone can enjoy(hence the "approachable beer" note earlier ;)).

Our Master of Mash and Quality, Wes, prides himself on making sure our water quality and cleaning process is top of the line, ensuring we produce only the best for our customers. He goes the extra mile to guarantee that he meets our own very high expectations of what we can achieve.

While we plan to have a few flagship beers, we intend to constantly dream up flavors that are N.E.W. and delicious--that's where Beth and I come in. We like to consider ourselves the flavor engineers behind N.E.W. Ales. If we think it sounds yummy, you can bet we are going to give it life.

Therefore, by combining each of our strengths and our own "whys", it makes N.E.W. Ales something truly special.

So as we begin our journey, we entice you to follow us as we strive for our why: sharing how we are N.E.W. and demonstrating what makes us, us!


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